Windows on Broadway gets its name from the 97 windows that encase the front of the building. It is a culmination of many creative ideas, and an inspiration that morphed out of an incredible desire to bring life back to an old Highland industrial site. With a one-of-a-kind design, this business brings two opportunities to Highland.

Located in the back, larger portion of the building, is an exclusive antique and fine-furnishings store where you will find anything from hand-selected fine furnishings to hundreds of antique and vintage-pieces, which compliment the innovative vignette displays. In the front, with the impressive window-front façade, is a 2100 square foot atrium designed to provide a sophisticated venue for smaller groups.

The building possesses a noteworthy atmosphere, with distinct character and generous space for both opportunities. The architectural, warehouse – feel is very prevalent, yet warm colors and textures adorn both features.



We now have religious and inspirational gifts.